Connecting people to science

We are a digital collective operating at the intersection of science and humanity. Our goal? To give science a voice in a world hungry for well-crafted media.

Recent Work

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Into the Rift

Partners: National Science Foundation, Wright State University

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Hummingbirds at Home

Partner: National Audubon Society

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Partner: Al Jazeera Networks

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Valuing Natural Capital

Partners: Natural Capital Project, Stanford University


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Evolution for Kids

Partners: National Science Foundation, University of California, Riverside

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Sustainable Fishing

Partner: The Nature Conservancy

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Aid is Working

Partner: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

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Conserving Grasslands

Partner: Neotropical Grassland Conservancy



Before humans went digital, there was the caravan.

People came together to travel to new places, taking their ideas, stories, and technologies with them. It was how knowledge was shared across groups of people. It was how progress was made.

At CaravanLab we spread knowledge.

For us that means packaging important information from scientific and technical entities so they can engage people from other walks of life. People that may not speak the same technical language but can benefit from the ideas.

Our team is a potent mix of PhD scientists, designers, and technology developers who together craft digital stories that matter.

What We Do

We pride ourselves on distilling complex topics into engaging digital stories. Our process is tailored for each project – big or small – and can involve one or all of our core capacities.


We help you dream new ideas and find ways to bring them to life


We produce projects rich in multimedia to reach broad audiences

Web & Mobile

We build web and mobile technologies to engage today’s tech-savvy audiences



We help you create the materials you need to raise funding for your ideas

Our Partners

We’ve been honored to work with these and other universities, government agencies, non-profits, and socially-responsible businesses.

Get in touch.

We work with many types of organizations to spread knowledge. Whether you need help designing a communication strategy or developing digital tools to extend your message, we’d like to help you make our world run a little smarter.