Into the Rift | Interactive, Film

National Science Foundation

Cutting edge science is taking place all around the world, largely out of sight to the public. Opportunities for students to interact with scientists are limited. But does that mean we can’t expose young people to scientific research conducted in remote places? We don’t think so. With funding from the National Science Foundation we created a web-based experience ‘transporting’ viewers to a research station on the shores of Lake Tanganyika. Viewers direct their own exploration of the research site, joining scientists as they make discoveries related to climate change, ecology and evolution. Along the way they witness how science can change our understanding of the natural world and improve lives, both locally and beyond.


Directors: Marita Davison and Jennifer Moslemi

Web Development: Fifty & Fifty

Camera: Justin Bastien

Additional Camera: Jennifer Moslemi

Editor: Barry Penland