Audubon Conservation Ranching | Film

National Audubon Society

Grasslands, and the birds that depend on them, have been in steep decline in North America. Audubon is working with cattle ranchers across the US to keep grass on the landscape, creating a better environment for both birds and cattle. Their approach creates market-based incentives for ranchers to adopt good grassland stewardship. Audubon asked us to help raise awareness of the program within their membership and provide a new market for ranchers to sell their bird-friendly beef. We produced a film series profiling ranchers in the program who are putting healthy grasslands front and center in their cattle management practices. Focusing on the stories of these ranching families gives the viewer an intimate look at what it means to be a conservation rancher.

Directors: Marita Davison and Jennifer Moslemi

Camera: Kelly Butler

Editor: Jeffrey McHale